Welcome to the 2020 Tree Planting Film Festival with Images & Stories from the 2019 Season & Before

We are tree planters…. The film festival is a celebration of you. This is a witnessing of being connected through what we do. When we plant trees, we give back, this is the reconnection.

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Chapter 1: Where We Started

Do It With Joy (Brinkman Reforestation)

“Classic early tree planting footage is featured in this quintessential documentary that opened the door to examining our unique subculture on film.”

Camp Called Mudslide (Nick Oldland & Richard Sinclair, Blue Collar Group)

“This film was made in a Mudslide Contracting camp in 1996. It depicts a camp in the midst of a challenging season of work and its impact on the people involved.”

Cache 22 (Zanzibar Reforestation)

“A retro look at the tree planting world of 1998 – challenging but romantic, frustrating yet character defining… kind of like life really!”

Chapter 2: Where We Are Going

The Space Between Trees (Summit Reforestation)

“The questions that open us up to what is next and the stillness in the space between trees.” Cinematographer: Darcy Muenchrath

The Story of BC Wood (BC Government)

“This B.C. Government produced video showcases the role the wood industry can play in capturing carbon and its brilliance as a renewable resource.”

Life of Pine (Todd Amacker, Chris O’Flaherty, Shireen Rahimi, Olivia Schmidt, Tim Truer)

“Filmmaker Chris O’Flaherty explores the devastating effects of the pine beetle and what new strategies may be in the works for our forest stands.”

The Make of an Eco Dress (Alto Courtesy of the Embassy of Finland)

“How do you turn a three foot round birch into a stunning evening gown? Finland is leading the way in sustainable forestry with cutting edge technology, explored here through the story of a Finnish First Lady’s evening attire.”

This Forester Has 60 Seconds (West Fraser)

“A forester sends her warm regards and respect to tree planters, as well as a few pointers for the good of the tree stand.”

Biomechanical Imperatives (Summit Reforestation)

“A lighthearted teaser from the upcoming Total Physio video detailing the 10 biomechanical imperatives.”

Chapter 3: Planter Originals

Renewal: In the Wake of Fires (One Tree Planted)

“A partnership blossoms and launches a counteroffensive in the wake of the B.C. wildfires.”

Rebuild the Future (Lars Zergun)

“Shrouded in as much fiction as fact, these genre bending gorillas in the mist strive to unite all planters under one tarp. With eyes and ears in every planting camp from Halifax to Port Hardy, the hopes and dreams of a nation worth of ballers will rise up together and rebuild the future.”

Summer on the Block (Nick Landry)

“A summation of moments captured during the 2019 planting season in Northern B.C. and Alberta with Summit Reforestation.”

Babushka Ladies (Hanna Sutherland)

“A planter considers her relationship with her crew boss and her own health as she contemplates retirement.” From Hybrid In-Camp film festival.

Today (Sophie Joubarne)

“A timeless exploration of “the moment” in treeplanting from the perspective of today/”

Mustard King (Levi Falk)

“Mustard King depicts the internal struggle and eventual mental break of a man coming to terms with the unforgiving specs of a contract. Features heavy mustard use.” From Hybrid In-Camp film festival.

Bean and the Magic Jack Pine (Lena Rye)

“A short glimpse into the calm and calamity of planting, and everything that can take place during a bag-up.”

Personalities: Ryan (Summit Reforestation)

“A crew boss reflects on his time in tree planting and his own personal growth.”

The Better Half (Clair Kuzmyk)

“Planting footage put to an original tree planter song.”

Tree Planter (Pierre Tremblay & dave Wilson – Celtic Reforestation)

“The joy of planting is on display in this film that pairs planting footage with great music.”

Chapter 4: Trailers

Tree Planting by Air (Luc Forsyth)

“A look at tree planting from the above as seen in National Geographic, Tree Planting by Air is a personal reflection of the thoughts that run through the minds of tree planters across the country.”

Forest for the Trees (Rita Leistner)

“A teaser for Rita Leistner’s latest project showcases he incredible eye and camera work while probing the relationship planters have with their work and its environment.”

Environmental Partners

A special thank you to Rob, Brian, and Sandy Stewart for all of their work and support.

“We are all connected. Rob’s work with Sharks connected him to us and our work with trees. Rob’s company Sharkwater was the first to plant Carbon Credit trees in British Columbia, through Summit Reforestation. In his most recent documentary filmmaker Rob Stewart travels across oceans to expose the illegal and violent underworld of shark finning.”

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Thinking About 2020

We are all in this together. Let’s share the art of tree planting through the art of film. Get your company involved.

2020 Video Format Ideas

  • The vision is to have 20 short vignettes created by tree planters to share together at the 2020 film festival.
  • Possibly some micro-feature films at 10+ minutes.

2020 Film Festival Locations

  • Vancouver & Victoria
  • Calgary & Edmonton (?)
  • Toronto & Montreal

2020 Satellite Locations Ideas

  • We’re looking at making the film festival extra-portable so a simplified version can be held by others.
  • How about at campuses hosted by foremen and supervisors?
  • We’ll use our various social networks to help promote these satellite events.
  • Cool idea, right?

Contact us if you have some ideas to share.

Grants & Awards Fund

Our goal is to build at minimum a $20,000 Grants & Awards Fund for the 2020 season. This fund will be shared with, or awarded to, tree planters and film makers for the 2020 season.

Do you like shooting and editing videos? Perhaps start thinking about the 2020 season and what sort of filming you would like to be doing!

Each grant will be for $500 and is allocated to Hinge Video so individual film makers can experience the benefits of professional guidance and production assistance.

Darcy Muenchrath (604) 318-1601

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If you are interested in applying for a grant to work with Hinge Visual, please announce your interest and present your initial ideas by email us at Info@TreePlantingFilmFestival.earth


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